Owners area

We are proud to be customer-centric and believe that the moment you take ownership of your GWM, is only the beginning of your brand journey of ownership experience. For complete peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive Aftersales support, and always strive daily to go the extra mile to ensure all GWM owners receive the best assistance they may require at any time.

Roadside Assist

We are always dedicated to ensuring that our GWM owners enjoy stress free motoring and in the event of any unforeseen breakdown or any roadside related covered incident, we will be dedicated to assisting you and your valued passengers to your destination as quickly, safely and hassle-free as possible. All new GWM vehicles come with a FREE 5 Year/Unlimited km Roadside Assistance Plan which is available ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME in South Africa for 24hrs a day and 365 days per year.


Services Offered:

  • Changing of flat tyres.
  • Out of fuel – Provision of fuel to a maximum of five litres.
  • Jump-start
  • Mobile battery replacements (for the insured’s account).
  • Key lockout service.
  • Minor roadside
  • Towing. In the event of a breakdown of the covered vehicle to the nearest GWM approved dealer.
  • Stand by You – Safety at the side of the road.
  • Transmission of urgent messages.

Manufacturer's Warranty and Service Plans


All GWM vehicles are covered by a 5-year/100 000 km whichever occurs first.

Your GWM warranty provides peace of mind and protects you against any unforeseen costs or failures due to manufacturing defects, defective materials and workmanship under normal operation and service excluding any wear and tear, accident damage or owner maintenance. Under the warranty, any necessary repairs are done at no cost to you.

This Warranty applies and will only be valid on a vehicle, where all servicing, maintenance, corrosion inspections and replacement of parts are carried out in accordance with the specific GWM Service Schedule for the specific vehicle and at the prescribed service interval (e.g. every 15,000km or 12 months) including recorded on the service schedule.

The Body and Corrosion Warranty applies and will only be valid on a vehicle, if all warranty related body and paint defects including insurance covered vehicle accident repairs are carried out at a GWM Approved Body Repairer.

For more information on GWM’s warranty and the terms and conditions that apply, please refer to the Warranty and Service Guide booklet , contact your local GWM dealer or do not hesitate to contact GWM Customer Care, call us on (010) 880-2366 or email: customercare@haval.co.za.


Service Plan

GWM Service Plans provide hassle free peace of mind motoring on scheduled servicing for managing your vehicle service costs, future inflation along with maintaining your vehicle’s precious overall authenticity and value.

Paying today’s prices for tomorrow’s servicing costs means no financial surprises for servicing, labour and component replacements for the duration of the plan.

You have an option to extend the service plan for longer or upgrade the standard service plan through a GWM Dealer.

For more information on GWM Service Plans and applicable models, please browse and shop our vehicle portfolio and specifications. Alternatively, contact your local GWM dealer or do not hesitate to contact GWM Customer Care, call us on (010) 880-2366 or email: customercare@haval.co.za.


GWM Genuine Parts

GWM Genuine Parts are specifically designed by GWM, to fit, function and perform optimally with no adverse effects on other components or performance. GWM Genuine Parts keep your vehicle original and authentic which maintains and adds to its overall value in the long term and throughout the life span.

Backed up by GWM with a full peace of mind nationwide 1yr/20,000km mileage warranty, only GWM Genuine Parts are traceable in manufacture , provides excellent value for money in terms of quality, running cost and complete peace of mind.


Don’t compromise on quality and always insist on and fit only Haval Genuine Parts throughout the lifespan of your vehicle.

For more information or to order GWM Genuine Parts, please contact us or click here.


Customer Care

We are always here to assist you and any information; prompt customer assistance or support is simply a mere phone call or email away:

Call us on +27 (0)17 824 8400 or email: info@gwmpietretief.co.za

If the call or email is vehicle related, always have and include your vehicle’s VIN/Chassis Number (on your license disc or bottom L/H windscreen area), registration number and mileage in the correspondence.